Monday, March 16, 2009

Naka-Kon 2009

Ok, a couple of days late, but here's my experience at the local anime convention, Naka-Kon.

First, I think it says a lot that this is one of the first signs I see:

Darn, two of my favorite pasttimes nipped in the bud.

It was an interesting day for me. My hubby is the anime afficianado, for starters. He quickly got tired of me asking "Who's that supposed to be? What's that out of?" There were people dressed up as characters from so many different cartoons.

Guys, girls, old young, it was an amazingly diverse crowd. I walked around gawking like a tourist, snapping pictures when I saw one I liked. A lot of them were even nice enough to strike a pose!

Even the ones who weren't dressed in costumes were simply dressed up in as fancy a getup as they could make/afford.

And I realize, dressed in my t-shirt and jeans, that I was actually the one out of place there. But no one seemed to notice. Everyone was having a good time (I saw two or three outbreaks of spontaneous dance routines) and just hanging out with like-minded individuals.

I admit, I spent most of my time in the vendor room. Maybe if I go next year, I'll actually get up the nerve to attend a few panels. There was one this year on girl gamers, and it might have been interesting.

At any rate, it was a good experience. Now I gotta figure out how to use that stuff in a book someday. Hmm....


BeshterBooks said...

Is it sad that I recognized the first girl's costume?

OK, I don't watch THAT much anime, just some from time to time. Personally I'm hopelessly mired in the anime of my childhood.

Auggy said...

Shoot. I guess I'll have to find another convention to go to for my make-out-with-hottie-anime-chick fantasy.