Friday, December 5, 2008

Sluggish Tales of the Sluggish Slug

Ok, I have been working on my revisions. I swear I have. But since I'm working in hard copy (much harder to hide from prying eyes than a window on a computer screen) I'm limited to my lunch break. And one hour goes by so fast!

I'm happy with what I've done so far. It's amazing what a difference one sentence changed or added can make to an entire novel.

So, my goal is to wear my pajamas all day tomorrow, settle in, and get the rest of these things hashed out. I'd really like to have these back to The Agent as soon as possible.

Sadly, The Project Formerly Known As Nano is languishing in an unfinished state. Only a chapter and a half left to go, and it's just sitting there. It'll have to wait until I'm done with Project 2 again. On the upside, I have had a few great ideas for things to add to the world I've built, and today I even got a really great idea for book two in that series (y'know, 'cause there's always a series). So, I journey on.

I have also succumbed to peer pressure and joined Facebook. What is the world coming to?

Also adding some Halloween pics of kiddo, late but better than never. I have to say, the fanged one is kinda scary.


Auggy said...

Facebook is filled with evil. Still don't have it. Ditto MySpace. I have enough fun with updating just one.

BeshterBooks said...

OMB-She looks GORGEOUS! LOL Aunt Jenn is so proud! *grin*

Seriously, your kid as a isn't surprising, but it so totally makes me smile.