Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bouncy bouncy!

Ok, Project 2 revisions are officially done, typed up, and sent back to The Agent. I'm pleased with them, especially since it added another thousand words to the total. (I'm up over 78K now, a very respectable book size)

Sorry for the blog silence. December's always a rough one for me, between shopping, and the Real Job (tm) being more chaotic, and...bleh. I saw a Santa hat at the store the other day that had "Bah Humbug!" embroidered on it, and I thought, "Hey, that's my hat!"

Now that I'm done with Project 2 for the time being, I am going to try and finish the Project Formerly Known as NaNo. I'm only a chapter and a half away from the end, and I know Chie is just champing at the bit for me to finish it. Then, my plan is to revise it, send it out to a larger group of beta readers, and revise Project 3 while they're reading that one. If I don't watch it, I'm going to have two more completed and polished novels.

Right now, I have to get kiddo and I dressed, so we can head out into the madhouse that is Wal-Mart on a pre-Christmas Saturday. I know, not a brilliant move, but there are a couple more presents I still have to get. Wish me luck!


BeshterBooks said...

Please tell me you got out of Walmart alive...*shudder* I avoid ours like the plague on a normal Saturday of the year.

Lori said...

Chie isn't the only one chomping at the bit, but I'm just trying not to be too vocal because I can't henpeck you about getting your revisions done when mine are still going so slowly. ;)

Auggy said...

You get out of Walmart yet?

Also, I found some cookies and a movie for when you survive the kiddo.