Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cool stuff from Cool people

Today, a friend from the Absolute Write boards linked to this blog on her blog. That's just unspeakably cool, for starters. I'm unbelievably stunned that she even knew about my blog. (which is dumb on my part, since I link to it in my sig on that site)

But not only did she have links to my blog (and LOTS of cool others, check them all out seriously), but the post itself was pretty awesome.

I intend, in the near future to do a "what did NaNo teach me" post. I also intend to write a couple short stories for my WoW friends, finish The Project Formerly Known as NaNo, edit said project as well as project 3, AND finish this round of revisions on Project 2. (project 2 gets priority)

I promise, meaningful blogging is to come! Sometime...

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