Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I haz it.

Seriously, these revisions are consuming all coherent thought for me right now.

As of tonight, I have decided upon (and pinpointed locations for) five new scenes. Two are actually reworkings of old scenes, and three are brand new. I have two of said scenes completed (one rework, one new) and I have three left.

My plan after that is to attend to the myriad of ripples said new scenes will leave throughout the book. So much foreshadowing to layer in, so many repercussions to work out. Most of that will be taken care of with altering mood tags, some random thoughts, things like that.

At some point after that, I need to stop and do a solid read through (no editing allowed) so that I can see where it flows, where I need to tweak, etc. There are things I need to flesh out, things that changing one sentence or one phrase will make a hold ton of difference.

Personal goal set: These revisions done by September 19th.

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BeshterBooks said...


I like watching you post about the writing process, it's interesting to see how your writing mind ticks.

Sadly, I'm a bit scared of how the rest of the mind ticks...*grin*