Thursday, September 18, 2008

I never mix my pies!

Seriously, this is what you get from me when I have spent all day trying to force the two halves of my brain to play nicely together.

We're working on a new project at the Real Job(tm) and it largely involves manipulating numbers. And I can safely say that, after having spent all day trying to get some creative writing in on my breaks and at lunch, that numbers and writing do NOT mix.

I am firmly in the left half of my brain, and apparently that is where I shall stay. (It is the left half that's mathematical, right? Oi.) This presents a logistical problem for me, since I obviously can't refuse to do the project, and my lunch/breaks is when I get 90% of my creative writing done.

So, today I sit with one scene still left to write, and 8 chapters still to look through for editing/adjustment purposes. I have nearly reached the decision that I can't write this remaining scene until I make some of said adjustments, because those will dictate a lot of the character reactions in said scene.

Am I confusing anyone yet? (besides myself?)

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