Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Monday, but not

So, here I am, my first Monday as an agented author.

I honestly didn't sleep well all weekend, simply because my brain would NOT shut off. Revision ideas for Project 2 have been running marathons in my head since Friday. Normally, I do my best creative thinking when I'm dozing off, but this is a bit extreme, hmm?

Been bouncing ideas off a few people these past few days, and I've at least come up with a few new scenes that I want to work in. (which will of course necessitate tweaking the rest of the book around it, but I'm talking just about the major chunks here.) I decided I'd write a few of the new things out just to see how I feel about them.

Today's effort was a reworking of the end of chapter 5, which added about 1,200 words total. I'm a bit stoked about that. The next new scene I want to try requires some deep thoughts about re-working my bad-guy hierarchy a bit, and I may kick that around with the beta crew first before I commit. (of course, there's nothing I can do that a delete key can't fix)

I think I really need to print out the whole thing again, get some paper in my hands. When I'm doing scene revisions, the computer is fine, but when I'm doing stuff that's going to require edits throughout the entire book, I need to be able to SEE the entire book, and there's nothing for that like paper.

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BeshterBooks said...

Kill a few trees for progress!

You can recycle them later...:)

I'm glad to hear you so excited. Woot.