Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Minor Accomplishment

I finished the last of the six new scenes today. Go me! Also puts me about 100 words shy of 77K (just like I predicted! Yay, I got one right!) I have about 8 chapters of "blending" to plan out (and 10 chapters to actually implement). I'm now shooting for a 78K total on this revision.

Yesterday, I admit I called in to work. But in fairness to me, I really was sick! I just also happened to spend all day working on the first 13 chapters of already-plotted tweaks. And honestly, I'm starting to be very happy with what I've come up with, especially for my MC and his wife. It's making them much more rounded folks.

Trapped hubby in the car for an hour drive to the hometown this weekend, and we hashed out a lot about future books in this series and where we see the big meta-plot going (and ending! Oooh!). I'm actually excited about this again, whereas about a week ago, I was so sick of it I could have cheerfully chucked it in the bin and started over.

('cause really, I'm sure my agent would have understood that completely. Oi)

Conga Rats go out to Crayon who got the job she applied for a few weeks ago. Gita has declared this a September to remember, and is hoping for good things for herself too.

Edited to add this, for all the music majors in my life:


BeshterBooks said...

BEAKER! ANIMAL! *falls over ded*

I love my Muppets.

You realize I will have this stuck in my head all day now. LOL

Auggy said...

You're totally allowed. Don't make me beat plot details out of you.

I hate you for getting that song stuck in my head. :p

K.A. Stewart said...

You're welcome! *evil grin*

Auggy said...

I'll get you my pretty.