Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's Efforts

Short post at the moment... Worked on chapter 6 today. Added about 700 words to that one.

I realized, in talking to a couple friends (*waves to Chie and Theo*) that I talk about my writing an awful lot lately. I mean, annoyingly a lot. I think it's because, for the first time, I actually FINISHED something. Granted, it was only a first draft, but if someone wanted, they could sit down and read it from beginning to end and have a complete story. I'm excited! I'm invigorated! My dream is closer to being real than ever before! I have!

Sorry, Monty Python moment there.

I started this blog so that I wouldn't be annoying my friends/neighbors/co-workers/beta-readers with my random insanity. Maybe I should leave more of my babbling here, and learn to shut up in real life, from time to time.


Jeff Draper said...

Blogs help us perfect our babbling.

Elrena said...

Isn't that a wonderful feeling, though?!

I tagged you with a writing meme -- here's the link if you want to play:

VirtualWordsmith said...

When I first started working on my Freelance career, I was terribly excited. I talked about it to some of my friends and family, and after about five minutes, their eyes would glaze over.

Now, I only talk about it if I have something big to share. Of course, if the person I'm talking with is a writer, I share more, because they get it!

veinglory said...

It's always good to get to the end of something and enjoyed that little high.... Time for a new public service announced meant--say not to drugs, 'do' writing.