Friday, July 30, 2010

Adventures at Comic-Con

Ok, yes, I know I didn't actually get to go to Comic-Con.

Or....did I?

Check out the blog of one of my wonderful writing friends, who took it upon himself to escort "me" around the con all day on Saturday. It looks like I had a great time! (and the Elvis Trooper may have to be my new avatar)

Notes From the Lair

In other news, Book 2 is nearing completion. I had a slight hiccup when my word count came in at 71K words (which is 9K shorter than it needs to be. That's roughly 36 pages short). I hemmed,I hawed, I sent frantic emails to The Editor. And then my lovely betas Chie and Theo came through for me, and I got an inkling. A hint. An inspiration!

Translation: I know how to fix this monster. And even better, I have part of the new stuff already written, because it was something I cut out of the OLD version when I started over back in January. Bonus!

Hoping to get this finished within the next two weeks, 'cause it's getting to be that time, folks! The Editor emailed me today to say she needs back cover copy-type writings, and if I have any ideas about the cover, I should speak up now or forever hold my peace. Truthfully, I'm so happy with the cover for the first one, I can't imagine what there could be for me to say. Now, book 3? Yeah, that one I need to talk to someone,'cause some stuff changes there. What stuff? I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

It should also be noted that I still do NOT have a title. At least, not one I'm happy with. And it's this second title that's so important, 'cause it'll set the pattern (if there is one) for the rest of the titles in the series! Think think think...

Maybe I should get some honey. Works for Pooh. (Note: Mead is made of honey. I'm just sayin'.)

So! I'll shout out to the world at large. Any title ideas, folks? I think I'm avoiding a "devil" theme in the titles, 'cause they're being used by another great author. But any other thoughts?

Also spoke to The Agent last week (see, this is what happens when I don't blog for a while. I have SO much to update you on!) about Muse. We talked for an hour and a half! I'll just say that my work on Muse is not done by a long shot, but I think The Agent hit the nail on a head on quite a few points, and that when I DO get time to rework it, it's going to be even more amazing than it already is. I'm so hopeful on this one, guys.

Off to have a weekend! There will be....weekendish stuff! (I have no idea. It's been so long...)


BeshterBooks said...

Patric suggests: "Without a Paddle"

I snorted...then said I'd suggest it anyway.

LM Preston said...

That's a great friend to virtually tour you around Comic-Con. Do you have pics to prove it :-D

dragonflylass said...

(What can I say?! I loved it! And while I had/have a few notes, I can't wait to see it a go-go! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)