Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

That’s right, folks, it’s Wednesday!

“What’s so great about Wednesday,” you say. “It’s too far away from Friday to be cool, languishing in the middle of the week like that. And really, ‘hump day’? What kind of nickname is that?”

What’s so great? WHAT’S so great?! Why, today is the day we start my first ever blog contest!

You, yes YOU, could win the one and only ARC of A Devil in the Details that I’m going to give away. This stunning piece of literature will be signed by me and… well… That’s kinda my selling point right there. (please, PLEASE, somebody want this thing.)

The contest will work thusly:

You go to THIS blog (right here, where you are anyway). You go to THIS post (conveniently, also right where you are anyway). You leave a comment below answering the following question. What would YOU sell your soul for?

And that’s it. That enters you in the contest, and at the end of it all, I will use a random number generator to pick the lucky winner.

The contest will run until midnight Central time NEXT Wednesday (April 14th). Any entries received with a time stamp later than that will not be considered. One entry per person, please, since we only have one soul to sell. (At least, I think we do. Hubby technically owns one of his high school chum’s souls, sold for a buck twenty-five in lunch money (we still have the contract) but I assume that’s an unusual circumstance.)

The winner will receive one ARC, signed (and personalized if you like) by me! Guaranteed to cure baldness, erectile dysfunction, eyebrow mold, and remove soap scum from your bathtub.* The only request I’d like to make is that you please come back later and let me know if I sucked or not.

Comments left on Twitter or Facebook will not count, so make sure you come here, to this blog, this post!

Sadly, Beta-slaves, I must exclude you from the contest, since, y’know, you guys kinda read it already. You get the joy of reading it early, but the anguish of not getting the chubby mandolins. (Y’know, fat loots? Seriously, am I the ONLY gamer here?)

Let the contest begin!

*Disclaimer: Will not cure baldness, erectile dysfunction, eyebrow mold, or remove soap scum from your bathtub.


sue laybourn said...

May god forgive me.

A week in an out-of-the-way comfy cottage with Aidan Turner (the Irish actor NOT the has-been soap star).

yes, I'm a dirty old mare.

Amy (Riggs) Trowell said...

I would sell my soul to be independently wealthy. To never have to worry about money again. I can obtain everything else I want on my own. But money, although it doesn't buy happiness, it sure makes life a whole lot easier! And, by the way, I totally want a copy of your book, even if I have to buy it. You are amazing, always have been! :)

Anonymous said...

As a true bookaholic I'd probably sell my soul for being able to read the books on my wishlist (and all that will land there eventually) before release date without having to worry about such trivial things like hungry kids, a demanding spouse, dust bunnies in the corners and soul sucking jobs.

Thank you for the give away. A Devil in the Details has been on my wishlist since it first appeared on the Orbit blog. Sounds great!

Monika H.

Anonymous said...

I'd sell my soul for... JK Rowling-like writing success, the husband's and my health issues to go away, and uh... world peace. That ought to do it. (Hey, I read/watch paranormal. I know the consequences of losing a soul. So if I'm selling mine, I expect to be well compensated.) :-D

Gryvon said...

Infinite free time.

Grete @ BookThing said...

I would sell my soul to have enough time throughout life to be able to do everything I want to (read all the books I want, know how the long running series I love so much will turn out etc). Oh I suppose RL stuff too ;)

I might be a bookaddict =D

Anonymous said...

Well, there are a lot of individual things I could sell out for, but I think I'm going to have to go with Gryvon on this one.

Without infinite free time, I could never get everything I want. And if I said "immortality", I wouldn't be able to get it fast enough.

Wait... can I combine those two into some sort of omnipotent time manipulation power? Yes? Okay, I want that. I'm perfectly happy to put in the effort, but I need some time in which to do so.

So yeah, I would sell my soul for omnipotent time manipulation power.

Unknown said...

To be able to live life on the road, going where and doing as I please, without worry for bills, and finances.

Kait Nolan said...

Yeah, so it's very tempting the idea of selling my soul to be able be independently wealthy so I could WRITE for a living, uninterrupted by all the idiotic demands of my current trio of evil day jobs. Yes, trio. One full time, 2 part time. It's maddening.

Jamie said...

Like another commenter, I would sell my soul to be assured of financial security for the rest of my life. The last year or so we have been down to have mere cents in our bank accounts every single month, with hardly enough food in the cabinets and an empty fridge. I would still go to college and I would still have a job and still write, but I would give anything to never have to worry about where rent is coming from in the next month.

Ryan Lakes said...

A fit and healthy body... maybe the body I had when I was 20...

Jennifer Walkup said...

I'd sell my soul to the devil for an arc of your book.:)

jyantes said...

Though I am exempt for some strange reason, I will tell you what I would sell my soul for anyway.

I would sell my soul for the ability to have my English students actually take my advice for once and all become such glorious writers that I no longer have to own a red pen. (Pipe dream I know.)

Anonymous said...

If I was going to sell my soul, I'd be pretty greedy about the compensation, so: My health restored, no need for glasses, major mulah so I can get out of debt and travel and *not live here*, and....what the hell, a SpikeBot. ;) Last one's optional. Oh, and I want a publisher to buy my books, please.

K. Taylor

Sara M said...

I would sell my soul for financial security so that I could build my own library filled solely with paranormal books. I'd live in that library and read all day and never come out.

(And so I don't have to work in retail anymore...)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at the cheap rates people are selling their souls for.
I would sell mine for all of the above, but nothing less. I am rather attached to my soul.
Infinite free time would have to be my favorite though. That sounds glorious.

Jodi Meadows said...

As long as we're clear I'm not actually going to do it... *g*

Possibly a Golding spinning wheel. Swoo-oo-oon.

Book Sake said...

I think a long life time spent lounging around in a hammock with a nice breeze, by the beach, drink in hand....actually, it's gonna take a lot to sell my soul!
- Jessica

zeda said...

Considering that a soul is eternal, I would like the compensation to be as close to everlasting as possible.

So, I would sell my soul for boundless inspiration. That way, when I punch my ticket, I have a legacy of creative works and scientific discoveries and advances.

Damien Walters said...

I would sell my soul for the ability to never have to sleep (without any physical side effects, of course). Think of what could be accomplished with those hours gained! :)

Jennifer Milligan said...

I'd sell my soul for a book publication.

Ha! I bet you've been in that boat!

Really, though, I can't think of anything that'd be worth selling my soul for. Maybe I'd lend it out, on a trial basis, just so I could get a good taste of what it's like to be slender and fit.

Do demons do loans like that? Maybe a rent to own, kind a set up.

Emma Jaye said...

I would sell my soul for...
the ability to take Mrs.Yantes advice and become such a glorious writer, so that she no longer has to own a red pen.

Now I do believe that is something worth my soul. (:

-Emma Jaye <3