Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Signing!

No, not mine, silly ducks. But I digress...

First off, if you're looking for the contest, it's here. 2 more days to enter, and the odds are heavily in your favor so far!

Second, spent tonight at Jim Butcher's book signing, and had a ball! (even if I did stand through the signing line twice. Long story) It was of course held on neutral ground as governed by the Accords:

Made some new friends, had a good time with old ones. And yes, here is the obligatory picture, complete with kiddo photo bomb.

Ok, so it's not a wonderful pic of me, but kiddo and Jim look great! Notice that part way through the evening, they had to ice Jim's wrist down. See, THIS is what I'm trying to avoid with my fancy schmancy wrist braces! The wrist, a writer's Achilles heel... Or Achilles wrist, really. I mean, why would you call a wrist a heel in the first place. is possible that I'm up too late at this point. I should quit while I'm ahead.


The Unbreakable Child said...

Great picture!!

Anonymous said...

Weird to see him without the beard. Best photobomb ever!


Anonymous said...

Love the neutral ground sign, heehee. Poor Jim's wrist...there's something about doing a lot of autograph's that's hell on the hand or wrist...probably in part because most people aren't used to writing with pens anymore, maybe. But yeah, I don't know how authors and actors do a session all day.

Great pic of the three of you!


Other Lisa said...

Awesome photo! My sis just discovered JB's work and raves about it.

BeshterBooks said...

He shaved! He looks so odd without the facial hair.