Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The glory of the delete button

That's right, revision notes, I haz dem! Yay!

And really, they're not scary at all. It's mostly little stuff, things I can expand or clarify. And even better, I'm EXCITED again! Just looking at the notes The Editor gave me, my brain is already clicking through the different ways to fix/change/remove the things she's asked about. Guess I know what I'll be working on at karate class tonight.

Biggest news is that it looks like the title, A Devil in the Details, is definitely a go, and that I will be published under the name K.A. Stewart. (pending approval, of course) Now, I just have to come up with a name for the series as a whole (suggestions are welcome) and I think I'll probably start kicking around titles for Son of DD, too. Again, suggestions welcome.

Luckily, I DID pass 20K words on the Son of DD last week. In fact, I ended the week with 22,632 words. I'm gonna put it on hold for a little bit while I hash out these DD revisions, but I'm hoping the excitment will carry over when I return to it.

I have discovered, however, that methodical revisions seem to trigger my more...neurotic tendencies. I spent quite a few hours today working out a timeline on when my protagonist shaves, for Pete's sake, to make sure I get the continuity right.

There are times when I wonder about me.

And as a side note, on Twitter, I participate in a group that can be found by searching for #wordathon. This is mostly a group of folks who keep each other posted on their word counts during a set period, as a way of encouraging and motivating each other. This is all organized by the wonderful Julie Butcher-Fedynich ( @jimsissy on Twitter). This past week, we did a five-day wordathon, with the added bonus of prizes! And somehow, I managed to win the "best paragraph" prize. So if you want a teeny weeny tiny sneak-peek at Son of DD, you can head to Julie's blog and check out that one random paragraph. And if you're a writer, and on Twitter, the next time she declares a wordathon, just hop on in! There are some great people there.

This week is also the San Diego Comic-Con, and let me just say I'm so jealous of all who are there! (Including The Editor. She has been given instructions on what to tell John Barrowman should she run into him)


sunna said...

w00t! congratulations on the revision notes and the best-paragraph win.

And I so cannot wait to buy your book next year. :D

sue laybourn said...

I can't believe I'm only a day's drive from San Diego and am NOT going. *sobs*.

Congrats on the notes and the win. It's another book to add to the list for next year!

BeshterBooks said...

Don't be jealous, hon, it's hotter than Hades out here. SD is slightly cooler than up Pasadena way, but only just, I was there over the weekend.

However, when you do come to Comicon I'm making Reece take you to Golden City for Chinese food like she did Catie Murphy...mostly as an excuse to get Walnut Shrimp, *nom, nom, nom, nom*

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
Thank you for sharing.
This was a great blog post.
Congratulations on all the great news!
I will look forward to A Devil in the Details when it becomes available.
Love from Northern Ontario

Tez Miller said...

Thanks for the note about the name change - I'll fix my list.