Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dropping Like Flies

The great thing about karate class (kiddo's, not mine) is that it takes me out of my usual surroundings, and puts me someplace where (theoretically) creativity might be sparked.

And as I sat there tonight, scribbling things in longhand until my entire hand cramped up, I got to thinking that maybe I had too many extraneous figures in this latest book. Namely, two characters whose sole function was to die, quite messily, almost immediately.

Self, I says to meself, maybe having two people ripped to bloody ribbons right off the bat is a tad...extreme. Could the same function not be served by the one severely injured person, without adding the confusion of two more names to remember? I mean, no one gets to know these two red shirts. Their deaths have no emotional impact. They just kinda...happen.

Originally, these two characters served a purpose. But that was several incarnations ago, and now, I think they're just dead weight. Literally.

So, rest in pieces, Ted and Dakota Quinn. You too have been relegated to the Graveyard of Neverwas.

I swear, I'm non-existing (can't really say killing) more characters in just the first eight chapters of this book than I think I did in the last three novels combined.

Also: Pretty sure I broke 20K today, but the official count will have to wait until I can type up what I wrote down at class tonight. So, tomorrow morning.

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