Thursday, May 21, 2009

RIP Nameless Woman

I killed a woman today. It's no one you know. Now, it's no one anyone will ever know.

Once upon a time (ie: about eight hours ago) there was a woman who was to be a part of the Son of DD. She wasn't there very much, had no speaking lines. In fact, her only purpose was as a prop, to motivate other characters into action.

But, in my revisions of my synopsis (still trying to beat this writer's block, you see) I have eliminated her role. She's been downsized, I've gone in a new direction, etc.

And now, where she was to die in the course of the book, she instead starts the novel already deceased.

So, here's to you, unsung, unnamed cannon fodder. May you rest in piece.


Auggy said...

joined the choir invisible?

See, this is something that actually interests me from a fannish perspective. What gets cut?

Yes, I watch deleted scenes.

BeshterBooks said...

Always knew you'd commit murder one day.

I just assumed it would be someone real instead of fake. *cheeky grin and runs away*

K.A. Stewart said...

Auggy - We should definitely put up a deleted scenes section on the site. You know, when I get my butt in gear.

Bester - I know where you live. (well, ok, not really. But I bet I could google it!)

BeshterBooks said...

He he could google it. But see, then you would have to get on a plane and get to me! Mwahahahaha.

Of course, you could be truly nefarious and wait till I come for a visit, cause you know where everyone else lives too. There's a thought.