Wednesday, April 15, 2009

JimStalk '09

So tomorrow night, my author crush Jim Butcher is doing a reading (c'mon, we all know he doesn't really read, he just sits and chats which is AWESOME) and signing, and not only am I going (like we're surprised) but I'm dragging kiddo, and Gita, and Bryn and Kasey with me! It's JimStalk '09, courtesy of AW's Purgatory!


Seriously, I'm excited to get to see some of my fellow Purgatorians in the flesh. Maybe with them behind me (poking me with sharp sticks) I'll get up the nerve to introduce myself. (or maybe not)

I intend to post pictures of those who will allow it, and there will be much frivolity and stuffs.

Still waiting on my editor letter (nervously, I might add). I think part of my stalling on Son of DD is the fact that I want to see what changes are required in the first book before I get too deep into the second.

My teaser from Tuesday makes me want to go back to Project NaNo and polish it up all nice and pretty. Ah well, all in due time. From the responses I got, I think it would be a popular premise at the very least.

And if I get off my butt and write my own bio, The Intrepid Auggy will soon have my website up and functional. (or at least presentable, since technically it's already functional) Just one more thing on my long list of things to do.


Auggy said...

oooooh. I'm having more evil thoughts.


BeshterBooks said...

Jim Stalk.

You should just go up and say hi, hon, introduce yourself as a new writer, etc. I'm sure he'd be thrilled.

I love how he does just sit there and chat about everthing from his kid to random, oddball questions that stupid people, (read: people I know...*sigh*), ask him. He's a very great and personable author, and he's how I imagine you being someday when you do these things.

Which you will. Which means you got to be nice and talk to people. Divert them with amusing stories and wave your hands and stuff!