Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Release Day!

Many happy congratulations to my friend Kim Michele Richardson upon the release of her book, The Unbreakable Child. She's getting some really awesome reviews, and we're all hoping for the best for her.

And in other writing-related news, I should have an interview coming up at The League of Reluctant Adults here soon. I'll keep you posted on an exact date. My very first interview! Having read a few of the other League interviews, I don't know if I should be excited or scared. Probably both.

The Intrepid Auggy is still fighting with the website, but fear not, it is coming.

And as a random aside, there is nothing more frustrating than having a good writing streak come to a screeching halt for lack of a good philosophical quote. The hero in my series often refers back to some very ancient (and very real) texts, and when I'm at work and away from all my reference books is NOT a good time to realize that I need to look something up in one of them. Argh.

Making progress on the Son of DD outline. I'm happier with it, The Agent seems happier with it. Yeah, it's still not fully rounded, but that's what the NOVEL is for. And I must constantly invoke the wisdom of Jim Butcher: "If it makes your character's day worse, put it in." I'm thinking of having that tattooed somewhere embarrassing. What, no? Bad idea? Yeah, maybe you're right.


Auggy said...

I believe the Song of Victory is now called for.

Ironically, April Fools' Day captcha: "pranc".

Anonymous said...

huggage, Tas, thank you for thinking about me!