Monday, April 27, 2009

Argh, even.

Ok, I admit it, I fail as a keeper of the blog. (or whatever the title should be) I would blame real life, but really it hasn't been any different than usual. I've just been easily distracted by shiny objects.

I haven't been writing much, which is bad, but I have been sorting out sticky places in my head, which is good. And just let me say that youtube is a researching writer's best friend. If some idiot ANYwhere has blown up a propane tank in their backyard, you can find it on youtube.

As punishment for my lack of blogging, I am skipping Teaser Tuesday tomorrow. But the upside means that I can have ALL day to celebrate the release of Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix! Seriously folks, get this book. 'Cause I said so.

And I solemnly swear to do some more substantial blogging this week. Just as soon as I figure out what to write about.

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