Sunday, July 24, 2011

Video Blog, Take 1

I know, I know. You're all cringing in horror. Blame Chie. More precisely, blame Chie's hubby. He's the one who sent me the webcam.

I wonder if I'm brave enough to keep doing this.

Anyone wanna start a pool?


Ramsey Hootman said...

It was great! More! :)

Trey said...


and take it off unlisted. Will be able to get more people to see it if you don't limit views to just your blog.
Can get more fans by letting be stumble upon the video when they are looking at similar videos. And putting a link to the blog in the description will bring them here to find out about your books and other schtuff.


K.A. Stewart said...

I only left this one on unlisted because it was an experiment technically. ;) I'll remember the tips for future ones, though. Y'know, the ones that have a point, and don't look like some hostage video from the 80s.

Ace said...

Love the packed bookshelf in the back! Looks like our bookshelves here!

Packed Bookshelf Solidarity! *fistbump*

K.A. Stewart said...

Yeah...about that shelf... You can't see the other three on the opposite wall, the giant boxes packed in the basement, or the stacks teetering in various parts of the house.

It's possible that we have too many books.

Ace said...

Too many books?


One can never have too many books.