Friday, September 18, 2009

Real Life Rawr!

Some of you may have heard my wails and lamentations over the roof leak. Y'know, the one dumping gallons of water through my living room ceiling. Well thankfully, as of today, we are in possession of a brand new roof, and a freshly painted living room.

And hubby, in his infinite wisdom, said "Since the living room's all torn up anyway, let's rip out the carpet!"

So tonight, that's what we did. There was a bit of trepidation. We knew there was hardwood under there, but what condition was it in after all these years of being buried under ugly 70s shag?

Here's the work in progress:

And here's a better look at the hardwood itself. I hadn't even cleaned this section yet. (ignore the toes, please) Who covers up such pretty wood? (ok, that sounded dirty)

We're taking a dinner break at the moment, but later, I'll try and take another picture once we get the whole thing clean and the furniture back in place. (no one is allowed to make fun of my fugly furniture, it was all free)

In writing news, I did NOT make my 30K goal for the week, but I DID finish chapter 9. And then, deciding it was utter garbage, I completely rewrote chapter 9 into something I'm much happier with. So all in all, I'll count this week a win.

EDITED: Here's the finished product. No making fun of the furniture (and keep in mind that most of the furniture is still in another room)


BeshterBooks said...

Wood is lovely. As are those shoes, those are cute!

sue laybourn said...

Very smart.

Jealous! :D

BeshterBooks said... very nice.

Anonymous said...

Those look very nice and shiny! I don't like carpets anyway.

Auggy said...

Now we have another reason to come visit.

But I'm not pulling my carpet up to see what's underneath. (Previous sentence brought to you by "That Sounded Dirty")

K.A. Stewart said...

*snerk* Thank you, I just snorted chai tea through my nose. That stings!

Anonymous said...

Well see, now I look at my own comment and have to go..."Wait a minute!"