Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Toy!

After so many serious, business-type posts, I had to post something frivolous and silly. So, here, lookit what I got yesterday!

This lovely leafblade was made courtesy of the amazing folk at Badger Blades. We (meaning me & the hubby) own many MANY of their swords, to the point that if you poke around on their website, hubby actually has a place in their customer hall of fame. (They call him the Diamond-Ground King)

If you are into swords, and you want one you could actually take into battle, Badger's is where you want to go. They're amazing weapons, and gorgeous besides. Currently, you can find them at the KC Renaissance Festival (the sword booth near the jousting arena)

Their swords are the basis for all the swords my main character will be carrying in my upcoming novels. In fact, hubby owns every sword you will ever hear about in those books. (Except the khopesh. but we're working on that)

In other news, I am diligently working on book 2, and I think I may have even come up with a title for it, and the next two in the series. Then again, knowing how bad I am at titles, someone will probably veto them. I am currently somewhere just over 24K words, and working hard. My goal is to have the first draft done before Christmas. (hoping I should be able to have it done well before that, but...y'know, padding my time)


Robert W. Leonard said...

Very cool. I have only started my collection. My wife bought me a battle-ready Celtic battle sword for Christmas one year. We also have two thick wooden practice swords (not AS cool, but I dig em anyway.) How many swords do you guys have already? I love collecting them.

K.A. Stewart said...

Oh, shoot, now I gotta think... My leafblade...The Way...the katana, the nodachi...the greatsword...the broadsword... So, of the Badger blades, we have 6. We have various other swords, not as good quality, that were mostly gifts from others.

Anonymous said...

I love swords, I even visited a factory in Toledo, Spain where they still make them by hand. I thought about buying one, but since it was after 9/11 I didn't want the hassle at the airport.

K.A. Stewart said...

I can't even imagine trying to take one through the airport. *shudder* It's hard enough trying to ship them through the mail.

Unknown said...

Hi :)
I love the picture of the blade.
Have you taken a picture of all your blades/swords together?
All the best,

K.A. Stewart said...

You know, we haven't, and I keep thinking we really should. (for insurance purposes if nothing else. Lookit me be the responsible adult!)