Friday, August 14, 2009

She's Alive!

Rumors of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated (and were totally invented by me for comedic effect).

Yes, I know I haven’t been blogging. Bad Kari. No donut. But there was the little matter of a vacation somewhere in the middle of things! And since my #1 beta reader, Chie, was here for a visit, it could even be considered a working vacation.

See? We went to a baseball game. Totally research. To my right, I had Chie and Dr. Gita (my medical consultant who answers things like “what diseases do you get from being wet all the time?” and “how many ribs can a person have removed and still function?”).

And to my left, I had hubby and kiddo!

It was kiddo’s first baseball game, and she was thrilled. Too bad we were all baking in 100 degree heat and had to leave early.

Notice that, being the person holding the camera, there are no pictures of ME. (see what I did there?)

Today, I got through scribbling all the notes down for my revisions on DD. Most of them still say things like “expand here” and “clarify”, but once I sit down to type it all out, it’ll flow into the perfect prose. Or something.

I’m actually feeling really good about this. I can’t wait to get it turned back in, so I can get back to work on the Son of DD. Which still needs a title, I might add. As does the series as a whole. Suggestions are welcome.

And speaking of series… I DO still plan on writing a few blog posts on the subject of series in general. I’m just trying to plan out what I want to say ahead of time. Keeps me from babbling and rambling. Wonder if I could get those done this weekend too…hmm…

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BeshterBooks said...

I'm voting the "happy anniversary honey" series. Somehow I don't think that has a ring to it.

Everyone looked like they had fun. I love how hubby and kiddo have the same exact look on their face. *snork* Smooches to all, hope they had a good time.

Off to conquer Rockband!