Friday, August 21, 2009

Series on Series: Part 0 The Introduction

I had this really cool idea to write series of blog posts on series. (Series on Series, S.o.S See what I did there? I slay me) I thought I’d do five, and post them every day for a week. In retrospect, I think I’m actually going to take several days between each post, just to give people a chance to discuss things in the comments if they want. (there ARE people reading this, right? RIGHT?) So, I’m starting today with this little introduction, to let folks know what to expect.

Before I embark on this vast undertaking, let’s set down a few ground rules.

1) I AM ALWAYS RIGHT! Except when I’m not, which is almost always. Everything I’m going to offer is my own opinion with little to no basis in any provable fact. Your mileage may vary, the 7:30 show is different from the 9:00 show, please tip your waitstaff.

2) For every example I offer here, there will probably be a dozen examples that disprove what I’m saying. I know this already. Such is the imprecise nature of the field we’ve chosen to hoe. (or something) Nothing is exact, and that’s what makes it wonderful.

3) I will provide links to books/authors/series as I mention them, but if I mention them repeatedly, I’m only going to link it the first time. All points will be heavily skewed toward urban fantasy, because that’s where I am right now.

4) This will be a spoiler friendly zone. I intend to discuss plot twists, endings, behind-the-scenes secrets and tapioca. I will try to make a comprehensive list of all spoiler topics just below, but be assured I’m going to miss some, and then someone’s going to get pissy. “I didn’t know the Titanic sank! You’ve ruined this for me for life!” I also have no authority to govern what is said in the comments, so be prepared for unannounced spoilers there too.

SPOILER ALERT: For the following: The Dresden Files, Torchwood, the Kushiel series, The Anita Blake series, The Wheel of Time, A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, the Price is Right, the old testament and anything else I may or may not mention, think, or hear of in the future. Also does not cover any works that may or may not be mentioned in the comments.

5) I encourage and enjoy discussion! Please, leave a comment about your opinions, favorite series, techniques you’ve used, or chidings on my poor research skills. But do it nicely, and civilly, or I shall beat you with a barbed-wire cat-o-nine.

Many thanks to Theo and Chie who both helped me make sure the following blog posts are at least coherent.

Coming Monday:

Part 1: What kind of series do you have?


BeshterBooks said...

So the Old Price is Right, or the new one with Drew Carey

Jamie D. said...

Well I'm reading, and agree to follow all of your rules, except when I don't. ;-)

Honestly, sounds like a great series, and I'm looking forward to it!

K.A. Stewart said...

The new Price is Right is bordering on blasphemy.

And welcome, Jamie!

Karen Duvall said...

Kari, I only just found out about your S.O.S. and I think it's marvelous! I'm forwarding a link to your blog to a bunch of folks so I hope you see increased traffic soon. :) This is great!