Thursday, June 4, 2009

A series of random events

I have totally lost track of what emotion I should be feeling right now. Here are the events of the day:

*Ex calls to say "Your mom's hubby had a stroke last night."
*I get a good few minutes of WTF????
*I call mother, to find out it was a minor stroke, he's fine and they're running tests. I also complain loud and long about finding this out from my EX of all people.
*MY hubby calls from work to say they caught a shoplifter, and regales me with his deeds of valor. A much needed humor break.
*Call mother again, she gets to come home tomorrow. Yay! Her hubby, however, is going to have to have some kind of surgery on his cartoid artery. We just don't know what or when yet.
*Spend the next half an hour, calling everyone ELSE that needs this info.

I have decided that we need to implement a phone tree, this is BS.

Oh! And random edit to add that Torchwood's season 3 is apparently going to hit BBC America on July 20th. At last, I have something to count down to. (Now if I can get Gita to DVR it for me, 'cause I don't have cable)

And one more edit for the Dance of Joy!

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