Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Actual Post About Writing

I know, I'm stunned too.

It's no secret that I've been stuck on the Son of DD for weeks (*coughmonthscough*). And I've struggled, and cursed, and sulked. I've polled fellow writers for their secrets to kicking writer's block.

And the thing that resonates the most with me is the one thing I already knew (deep down). When you're stuck, it's because there's some flaw in what you're working with.

So tonight, while kiddo was at karate and I had time to sit and listen to both brain cells misfire, I promised myself that I would figure out just where I went wrong.

Ultimately, I decided I was just unhappy with the pacing. It was taking too long to get to the rat killing (metaphorically, for all you rat lovers out there). So, how to speed it up? By killing my darlings, of course.

So, rest in peace, Mr. Brian Ericson, hippy storekeeper, wearer of hemp, and purveyor of gourmet jerky. The world, she never knew ya. This poor fellow had the misfortune to really not matter to the story. He only shows up once, served as color barely, then vanishes never to be seen again. Therefore, he doesn't really need to be there.

The result of the murder of poor Mr. Ericson is that I shall be hacking and slashing a HUGE chunk out of chapter 3, and smushing chapter 4 into it. Therefore, the interesting bits of chapter 4 will serve to start the action MUCH earlier than before, and maybe I can jar my brain cells into action.

I'm seriously considering starting a cemetary, just for the characters that were killed in the making of this book.

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BeshterBooks said...

*snerk* You can put them on your 'soon-to-be-coming' website with silly short stories about them. that way we can feel very bad at their lack of appearance.