Friday, February 29, 2008

ZOMG, and Wootness! of the two queries I sent last night turned into a partial request today!

I...I'm speechless! Well, ok, not speechless, because obviously there are words coming out of my mouth. (fingers?) I mean, it's what you hope for, but wow, I spent all last night and today trying to brace myself for rejection!

In fact, when I got home tonight and saw the reply e-mail there, I thought "Crap, that rejection was fast." So I went about my business doing other things for about half an hour, without ever opening the e-mail. Then...I opened it... And then I had to spend the NEXT half hour explaining to my kiddo why I was screaming and jumping up and down. (it's clear that five-year-olds don't truly grasp the concept of the publishing process, but she was happy when she realized that I was happy)

Ok, I'm going to go squee a little more, and then buckle down and do some more querying. Because that's what I'm supposed to do at this stage. Eggs and baskets and things.

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BeshterBooks said...

I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, I told you it wouldn't be so bad.