Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The End

Well, I did it. The 23rd and final chapter is complete, as of about 3 pm. I fell short of my 40K goal for a first draft. I'll probably fall short of my 80K goal for the final draft. But the story will be what it will be, regardless of how long it is.

I have copious notes on things I want to add, expand, revise. My goal is to have the second draft complete and beta-reader-worthy by Christmas.

Wish me luck.

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BeshterBooks said...

I come back after months and read, "the end" and think, 'ah shit'. No, it's just the end of the first go around. Glad to hear it. I was very excited about this story when you outlined it during my visit. Glad to see its going so well!

Need to get out of my funk and check into you peoples blogs more often.