Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More Ingram & Other Pleasantries


All four of my self-published books are now available on Ingram.  This means that your local bookstores & libraries should be able to order them with no problem.  However, this means that YOU have to go ask them to!

If they need specific ISBNs, here they are:

A Snake in the Grass - 9780997950410
A Line in the Sand - 9780997950427
Second Olympus - 9780997950403
The Music Box Girl – 9780997950496

Also, Peacemaker’s official re-release will be on November 1st, but it should be available for pre-order well before then.  I’ll keep you posted on that one!  I’ve seen the rough draft of the cover art, and it is swoon-worthy.  It makes me really want to write the other two books in that trilogy, just so I can see what covers the amazing Robin Ludwig comes up with.

And speaking of writing.  Now that I seem to have the administrative portion of self-pubbing caught up for the moment, I really need to get back to writing.  JJD6 is on my agenda, as is AW2 (the Peacemaker sequel).  And at some point, I should really write something new to get to my long-suffering-but-amazing agent.  I’ve dabbled all summer, but nothing has really taken hold of me.  Hoping I can turn this latest rush of book energy into writing energy.


Anonymous said...

Anxiously looking for JJD6!!! Hope you are well and writing with intent!:)

Carbonman said...

I'm also waiting for JJD6. Keep writing and I'll keep checking to see when the next book is coming out.

M.Jack said...

Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog post.