Sunday, May 12, 2013

Goals Revisited

I got to looking at my goals post from way back when, and y'know, I'm really not so horribly off track.

Goal 1 - Finishing Night of Fire and Ash. Check.

Goal 2 - Write JJD4 - temporarily on hold

Goal 3 - Speak at RT.  Done!  Love love loved it.

Goal 4 - Choose/write a new project - well, I kinda DID that already, with The Musicbox Girl, so that one's done, just out of order.

Goal 5 - Publish JJD4 - Still a goal, just pushed back a bit further than originally thought.

So really, what does the rest of my 2013 look like?

Peacemaker - My edits on Peacemaker are due July 1st, assuming of course that I get my edit letter in good time. (I feel pretty safe making that assumption)

JJD4 -  Come July 1, provided that Peacemaker is turned in on time, JJD4 becomes my priority.  Planning on having it done by November 1.  Four months should be sufficient enough time.  After that, I want to spend November/December getting it edited and the cover design and formatting done in preparation for hitting the button to make it live.

And holy cow,that brings me into 2014 already.

At some point in January (don't know the precise date yet), Peacemaker will hit.  Kinda want to spend the month of January dealing with that, but I also want to spend it plotting out the second Arcane West novel.  My current plan with that series is a trilogy, but who knows?  Never say never or something.

Spring of 2014 could conceivably be spent writing AW2, and pimping JJD4 with a spring release.  Then, JJD5 will need to start being a thing, and... I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

And just like this year, my best laid plans could come to a screeching halt due to unexpected (but hopefully still good) events.

It feels good, though, to have a plan.  It may not even be a great plan, but at least it's a plan.


Taryn Blackthorne said...

Just finished 'A Devil' by you. Bought the other two books in Jesse's series and found you on the web. Why is JJD4 looking for a self-pub home? Did I misread that somewhere? I LOVE JESSE btw! Thank you so much!

K.A. Stewart said...

Roc has opted not to continue publishing the JJD series, but I can't leave the story unfinished the way it is, so books 4-6 will be self-pubbed.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Taryn Blackthorne said...

THANK YOU! I have now finished books 2 and 3 in the series. In one weekend! This is unheard of for me. Can't wait for book 4!

Unknown said...

Hey huge JJD fan can we get an update on book four pretty please I day dream about that book.