Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kari's Queries, part 14

Happy New Year!

What do you mean that was like a week ago?

Okay, yes, I know I'm a bit behind with the celebrating of the new year and all. Sorry. But I've been hard at work on my revisions for A SHOT IN THE DARK. In fact, I'm hoping to deliver them to The Editor on Monday, so I've taken a bit of time off from the Real Job(tm) to accomplish this. (So far, so good. Very pleased with the work I've done to this point)

I keep thinking I need to do some kind of "goals for 2011" post, or something to wrap up 2010. And I might, still. But for right now, I give you one more installment of the queries, short but sweet.

If you never started writing, what would you see yourself doing?

Oh wow... It's really hard to imagine me not writing. Hm.

Well, we'll assume that me having a Real Job(tm)is a given, since I still have one of those anyway.

But creatively... At one time in my life, I was a decent artist. I suppose, if I hadn't been pulled toward writing, I might have developed that more. Of course, in my own opinion, I was never more than a mediocre artist. I mean, put something in front of me and I can put an exact copy on paper. But to me, that's not art. They have machines that do the same thing.

To me, artists are the ones who can see something in their mind's eye, and put that on paper. I don't have that ability, and I envy it. I can't tell you how often I'd love to be able to draw my own characters, to put the scenes in my head on paper for others to see.

I settle for doing it in words.

How have your daughter and husband influenced your writing?

Well, I think I've mentioned before that my hubby was responsible for the original idea that became the JJD series. He's my biggest supporter, and my best brainstorming buddy. Just a few days ago, we spent forty-five minutes hashing out some issues I'd been having with my Book 2 revisions. I'd been beating my head against a wall on them for a month, but just a few minutes with him and we figured it all out.

I don't know what I'd do without him.

And my kiddo...oh boy. When I'm really stuck, I'll ask her for ideas. Usually, her answer is something completely off the wall. (Add more dragons is a popular theme) But I always try to take her advice seriously and try to figure out how to make it work. I hope she always feels involved in my writing, especially because it's something that usually involves me staring at a computer for hours on end instead of doing something more awesome like playing in the park or dancing to her new video game.

I like to include things just for the both of them, little tidbits and Easter eggs that no one else would recognize. Someday, when kiddo's grown enough to read my stuff, I want her to be able to point that out and say "Oh, you put that in there for me!" No matter what I'm writing, I'm always thinking of them in some way.

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