Friday, May 1, 2015

Second Olympus: The Movie

Only in an author's fondest fantasies are their books actually made into movies.  But that doesn't mean that we can't dream. I mean, c'mon. Imagining stuff is what we get paid for!

So imagine with me, people!  In the comments below, leave your ideal cast list for the characters listed below.  They can be past or present, you can specify young or old (for example, young Marlon Brando is very different than older Marlon Brando).  If you need more inspiration, check out this earlier post featuring my Second Olympus Playlist!

I'm limiting everyone to ONE entry per person (yes, I know that there are a several married couples who may be competing, so it's up to you guys if you want to enter as one, or as individuals)  ((I may have just ruined a couple of marriages))

Because I know there are folk who are busy this weekend (*waves hi to the Malice Domestic crowd*), I will leave the contest open through next Wednesday (5/6).  I'll post the 1st and 2nd place winners that evening.

1st place winner gets a $25 Amazon gift card, and 2nd place gets $10!  Woohoo!

Remember, only the first 12 characters are must haves (and if you truly can't figure one out, it's okay to leave it blank. I've got a few I haven't cast yet, too).  If you want to put some names to the "Others" section, you can do that just for fun.

Olympus Tower:

Jon / Rik (they're twins, remember?)

Art forger
Old Stan
Young Stan

And....GO!  (Have fun, folk)


Kato Schultz said...
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Kato Schultz said...

lympus Tower:
Heracles - Chris Hemsworth
Artemis - Anne Hathaway
Persephone - Kate Hudson
Demeter - Terri Hatcher
Hades - Paul Bettany
Hephaestus - Vin Diesel

Geoff - David Krumholtz
Lia - AnnaSophia Robb
Ambert - Gerard Butler
Jon / Rik - Justin Hartley
Keras - Macaulay Culkin
Raffa - Susan Sarandon

Art forger - Brian Cox
Old Stan - Vincent D'Onofrio
Young Stan - Joseph Gotdon-Levitt
Fons - Tom Welling
Drones - John Leguizamo
Hunstmen - Mark Ruffalo

Amy Braun said...

Olympus Tower:
Heracles - Tom Hardy
Artemis - Scarlett Johansson
Persephone - Amanda Seyfried
Demeter - Helena Bonham Carter
Hades - Mark Pellegrino
Hephaestus - Wilem Dafoe

Geoff - Robert Sheenan
Lia - Emelie de Ravin
Ambert - Iain Glen
Jon / Rik (they're twins, remember?) -
Keras - Kurt Fuller
Raffa - Gwendoline Christie

Art forger - Mark Boone Junior
Old Stan - Kieth Carradine
Young Stan - Alfie Allen
Fons - Misha Collins
Drones - David Labrava
Hunstmen - Tommy Flanagan

Amy Braun said...

I forgot to add the twins! Jon/Rik - Jensen Ackles

Faith said...

As directed by Joss Whedon:

Olympus Tower
Heracles:Tahmoh Penikett
Artemis: Julie Benz
Persephone: Amy Acker
Demeter: Olivia Williams
Hades: Anthony Stewart Head
Hephaestus: Ron Perlman

Geoff: Ian De Caestecker
Lia: Chloe Bennett
Ambert: Nathan Fillion (w/ some graying hair)
Jon/Rik: J. August Richards
Keras: James Marsters
Raffa: Sarah-Michelle Gellar

Art Forger: Armin Shimerman
Old Stan: Fredric Lehne
Young Stan: Adam Baldwin
Fons: Alan Tudyk
Drones: Simon Helberg
Huntsmen: Reed Diamond
*Ares: Brett Dalton

Josh said...

Olympus Tower
Heracles: Dwayne Johnson
Artemis: Charlize Theron
Persephone: Emily Blunt
Demeter: Cate Blanchett
Hades: Hugo Weaving
Hephaestus: Ron Glass

Geoff: Ansel Elgort
Lia: Anna Kendrick
Ambert: Michael Clarke Duncan
Jon/Rik: Channing Tatum
Keras: Johnny Depp
Raffa: Helena Bonham Carter

Art Forger: Danny Devito
Old Stan: Joe Pantoliano
Young Stan: Adam Baldwin
Fons: Simon Pegg
Drones: Brent Spiner
Huntsmen: Tom Hiddleston

Faith said...

Forgot, also under Others

Apollo: David Boreanaz

dragonflylass said...

Olympus Tower:
Heracles - Kellan Lutz (as seen in Hercules)
Artemis - Charlize Theron
Persephone - Diane Kruger
Demeter - Patricia Clarkson
Hades - Jason Momoa
Hephaestus - Jerome Flynn

Geoff - Kyle Schmid (younger)
Lia - Mia Wasikowska
Ambert - William J. Smith (b. 1933) (c. 2008)
Jon / Rik - Jason & Jeremy London
Keras - Michael Sheen
Raffa - Petula Clark (present day)

Art forger - Dom DeLuise
Old Stan - Clive Russell (older)
Young Stan - Ben Mendelsohn
Fons - Adam Rothenberg
Drones - Michael J. Anderson (b. 1953)
Hunstmen - Sam Cliflin

(I can't get my Googley ID to sign in for some reason. But you know who this is... dragonflylass... aka Caron)

dragonflylass said...

Hunstmen - Sam Claflin