Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Survived 1st Grade!

Today, I had the great honor of going to talk to a class of first graders at Scott Elementary School.  This was my very first school visit as an author! I was a little uncertain at first what I was going to say to young kids who aren't really the target audience for my books, but they came up with some really great questions about the writing process, and at the end, we all wrote a short story together as a class!

First pic is me talking to the little ones.  They had questions planned out ahead of time, but once we got started, the little hands shot up and there was no plan after that.  It was great.

Before I left, we all took a group picture, and there was a small riot over who got to stand actually touching me.
Then, we had to do the obligatory silly face picture:

Also, once they figured out that I knew the Baymax fist bump noise, I was infinitely cooler.  Many thanks to Miss Boyle who invited me to come and spend time with her students!  I had a blast!


dragonflylass said...

That is so awesome!!

Monty said...

Great reaad thankyou