Friday, April 24, 2015

Your Mission

Should you choose to accept it, and I really hope you do, or this will be the lamest contest ever.

So, people often tell me (usually in reference to the JJD books), “Hey, this would make a great movie/TV show!”  Well, in all honesty, I’ve never believed that the JJD books would translate well to film.  There’s too much internal introspection in dear Jesse’s head that I think would be lost on the big (or little) screen.

However, I have always believed that Second Olympus would be my “movie book”.  I have a soundtrack picked out and everything.  And occasionally, I amuse myself by daydreaming about who would play who in that movie.

So here’s what we’re going to do!  I want YOU to cast my Second Olympus movie.  I’ve got a list of main characters below, and I’d love to know how YOU picture them.

Now, you’re thinking, “As fun as this is, this seems like it could take some time! What’s in it for me?”  I’m so glad you asked!  I will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to my favorite cast list.  Second place will get a $10 Amazon gift card!  To win, I want casting for the 12 “main” characters. (the “others” listed at the bottom are just for fun, if you have someone perfect in mind)

Since this kinda requires that you have READ the book, and not everyone reads super fast, I’m announcing this today, and then NEXT Friday (May 1st), I will put up a new post and THERE you will list your answers.  That gives you a week to read and ponder.

REMEMBER:  Don’t leave your answers on THIS post, wait til next Friday and we’ll do it then.

Now, you may have see me mention a few actors that I see in a couple of the roles, but don't feel like you're bound to that!  I want to know what YOU picture.  So get reading, and on May 1st, have your cast list ready!

Second Olympus Cast List

Olympus Tower:

Jon / Rik

Art forger
Old Stan
Young Stan


dr susan said...

I wish you luck, but I have tried to do this with other books, and I just don't 'see' books that way. I have a feel for characters, but I have a hard time picking actors to play them.

K.A. Stewart said...

I'm actually really bad at this game too. That's why I want to see what other people come up with!

Alice Loweecey said...

*kicks dirt* I'll be at Malice Domestic. I miss all the fun.

K.A. Stewart said...

I'll leave it open for a bit, wouldn't want anyone to miss out!

Amy Braun said...

Hope I finish the book by then! I've got 2 more chapters on my current one, and I do want to participate. More than that, I just want to read the book! What a cool idea!