Monday, April 20, 2015

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Second Olympus releases tomorrow.  Hold on a second while I pause to truly take in that statement.  Part of me still hasn’t quite registered (despite the fact that I’ve had two early readers come back already and say they loved it).

For those who haven’t ordered yet, shame on you!   (I kid)  Here is the list of where to find the book:

Print copy:

Smashwords (for a variety of formats in one place!)

Remember, if you love the book (any book, really), or even if you don’t, PLEASE go out and leave a review at Amazon and/or B&N.  I can’t emphasize enough how important reviews on these sites are for authors.  And I don’t mean just glowing “OMG, I wanna have this book’s babies” kind of reviews.  They don’t have to be deep, in-depth literary analysis of each line of prose.  They can just be a “hey, this rocked my socks” or “It was just kinda ‘meh’ for me.”  All reviews are valuable, so please, take a few minutes of your time and drop a few lines.

Next week, I think I wanna play the “Cast the Movie” game with this book, so for those of you who will be reading this week, think about who you envision in these roles.  I will tell you right away that for Keras, I’m picturing Steve Buscemi, or maybe John Leguizamo.  Let me know how you see him!

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