Sunday, March 1, 2015

Second Olympus - The Playlist

As mentioned before, I had a playlist for this book.  Most of the music was sent to my by a friend, and while it wasn't for the purpose of connecting it to the writing I was doing at the time, it just worked out that way.  Perfectly, in fact.

I wanted to make a Spotify playlist to link here so that you could all listen to it as well, but unfortunately, some of this music is a little obscure, and therefore not available.  I DID manage to find them (most of them, anyway) on Youtube, and so I've made you a Youtube playlist instead.

Again unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get that playlist to display MY notes on the songs to you, so I'll be doing that below.

It's not my intention for you to sync listening to the songs to reading the book.  That would be silly, and impossible.  It is also worth it to note that I very rarely picked a song for its lyrics.  Some of them aren't even in English.  More, I picked it for the sound of it, the mood I felt it conveyed.  Also, don't bother looking at the videos themselves. They were chosen as the best example of the music I could find.

The name of the song & artist are available in the videos above, so down here, I'll just label them by number, and where I believe they fit in the book. I hope that I've left them suitably vague so as not to provide spoilers.  More one of those "when you've read the book, you'll understand" kind of things.  It's also worth noting that I've always believed this to be my "movie book", so it's only fitting that I have songs for the opening & closing credits.  Trust me, in my head, it's EPIC.

1 - Opening Credits
2 - Artemis' Theme
3 - Looking out on Elysia
4 - Heracles' Theme
5 - Taken
6 - Den of Iniquity
7- Hunt with the Black Hound
8 - Demeter's Theme
9 - Across the River
10 - Sanity Stretched Thin
11 - A History of Things Past
12 - Through the Dark
13 - The Airship
14 - Death in Olympus
15 - Closing Credits

More than all the music above, I'm hoping that if you find music that YOU like for this novel as you read, you can mention it in the comments below.  You'll notice that there are certain characters that I never found a theme for, so I'm always on the lookout to update my tunes.

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