Monday, April 30, 2007


There is an author's board I frequent that has had an ongoing post about whether or not to use outlines in your writing. General consensus seems to be, if it feels good, do it.

I did not have an outline when I started writing this book. I barely had a complete storyline in mind. Mostly, I had a character in mind, and the story has kind of written itself around her. However, due to my out-of-order writing technique with this one, as I near the end I found myself in need of an outline to see JUST where I had holes to fill.

So, one day in a meeting here at work (while I should have been taking notes instead) I scribbled one down. And now I sit here, looking at this now-tattered piece of paper that has been highlighted and whited-out and scribbled on and crossed out and... Oi. I see at least three chapters marked "Something needs to happen here" with no idea WHAT. I just know there needs to be a break in the previous action. A literary breather, so to speak. There are five more chapters that are half written, and have the basic sequence of events at least in my head. And sadly, in one of the two big climactic chapters, though I know what needs to happen... It is still largely a vague fog.

I am not going to have this book finished by my self-imposed deadline of April 30th. This obviously means I must pick a new deadline. How does June 30th sound? Only six months after my original deadline of Christmas '06.

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