Friday, April 27, 2007

In the Beginning

Here I am, Loquacious Me. Wife, mother, author in progress. See how I tackle runaway characters (damn that free will!)! Marvel as I conquer habitual grammatical errors (damn that comma splice!)! Boggle as I babble incessantly on my various neuroses (one of which is trying to identify just what really is wrong with me)!

(Ponder how my beta readers can stand to be around me for more than three minutes sat a time! Everyone say hi to Oria, Theo and Chie. Hi, guys!)

As it stands, I am 8-ish chapters and polish away from finishing my first novel. This means I currently have 71,575 words of brain spew on paper. (well...on harddrive) The goal is approximately 100,000 words, and/or 35 chapters. It remains to be seen how close I fall to that goal, considering that earlier this week I deleted an entire chapter and rearranged three others because one of my characters threw a tantrum (Primadonna. Oi.).

If I can complete this one, it will be the first in a trilogy. I intend to write the second one while in the process of doing agent queries and the like on the first. I have picked out my Dream Agency that I would like to represent me, the Holy Grail of agents, as it were. Most likely, once I get a rejection letter from them, I will pick a new Dream Agency. I am nothing if not practical. (Buy that? Nah, neither did I)

At any rate, this is my blog. Yet another thing to do instead of doing my Real Job (tm).

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