Friday, April 27, 2007


Today, I struggle with filler. These are the paragraphs/scenes/chapters that need to take place, either because information needs to be relayed, time needs to pass, or because your characters (and readers) simply need a chance to take a breath. But there are no large plot developments, no sweeping action sequences, no key piece to the mystery to make it exciting. At best, it is used to further character development in an unguarded moment, or a bout of nostalgia as they remember the past.

I hate filler.

I know it needs to happen, and I know I can relay some very good information and depth in those pieces, but I still have this lingering suspicion that some one is going to read this and think "Boooooring!" I think it's boring, and I wrote it!

Still, as Chie keeps telling me, crap can be revised. Blank pages cannot.

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