Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Quandary

Once again, I have been remiss in my bloggerly duties. However, since I have been in the midst of writing Book 3 (as yet untitled), I hope you'll forgive me.

And speaking of upcoming books... I have ARCs of A SHOT IN THE DARK! Well...more precisely, I have one that I'm willing to part with.

But how? By what esoteric method can I choose the recipient of this one and only single lonely ARC? And therein lies my quandary.

So let me know, folks! What kind of give-away do you want to see? Just a random commenter chosen? Something you have to work for? Let me know what kind of things you like to see in online contests.


Tina Moss said...

Forget the contest and give me the ARC. J/k I like when it is random amongst comments or followers.

Trey said...

Picking a random commenter (here, twitter, etc.) could be good if enough individual people leave a comment.

Whoever reads the back cover monologue from A Shot In The Dark with the best voice/expressions wins.

Josh said...

Ooo! Scavenger hunt with a JJD theme!

Shain Brown said...

Definitely the random commenter method.

Bryce said...

Yeah, I'm a fan of the random comment style. By the way, just finished A Devil in the Details. Good stuff. I'll be posting a review on a few places soon.

K.A. Stewart said...

Bryce - Saw your review, and thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

David Kazzie said...

Hi there,

I wrote the animated So You Want to Write a Novel video that you posted a few months ago, and I just wanted to thank you for posting it. Sorry I'm just getting around to your blog (Google Alerts works in VERY mysterious ways).

Anyway, you have a great blog here, and I'm thrilled you made my video part of it.

David Kazzie

K.A. Stewart said...

David - Thanks for stopping by! I think I speak for every writer I know when I say that video perfectly captured the conversations we have on a daily basis. Well done!

EEllis said...

However you do it I'm sure it will be fine. I'm just waiting for the release so I can read it!