Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week One

Ok, so week one of NaNo isn't actually over 'til midnight tomorrow, but humor me.

I have been managing to keep to at least the 1,667 words a day, and so far at least a hundred words beyond that each day. This is good! I'm hoping to be enough ahead that slacking this weekend won't cost me too much. (real life is intruding this weekend with kiddo's karate tournament and some friend type visits)

Outlining this so extensively has been the key so far. The plot is coming together nicely. I have realized, though, that in the speed of getting the plot down, I've been sacrificing character development. Something to work on in revisions.

Talked to The Agent today. His assistant has finished reading my revised Project 2, and he'll be taking a gander at it himself shortly. So another couple weeks before I get official opinions/notes on it.

Just means more NaNo time for me! Whee!


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for you! That's so exciting (about the agent, though 1667 words/day is nothing to sneeze at either!)

BeshterBooks said...


I've been a slacker since Sunday, when I kicked butt. But with out of town friends, the election, visiting the boys, and choir rehearsal, I was swamped and frankly, I could cheerfully fall over now. So tired....

At least the roomie's crazy sister means I have plenty of excuse to be up in my room typing.