Friday, November 2, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Been needing to write up this blog post for some time, and kept putting it off.  Partly because I didn’t want it to overshadow Wolf’s release, and mostly because… Well, once you write it, it’s true.  I think Doctor Who said something like that.  Reading it makes it a fixed point in time.

A lot of you have been asking about the future of the JJD series (mostly involving statements like “You can’t leave him like that!!!”)  Even my own grandmother called me up the other night to tell me that exact thing.  Some of you, I’ve even lied to your face when you asked, because it wasn’t a discussion I was able to have at that moment.  (I’m truly sorry about that)  I’ve known about this for several months, you see.

Well, the sad news is, Roc has decided that my sales aren’t good enough to continue publishing the series.  They’re not even good enough to consider a digital-only option.  So, the JJD series with Roc is ended.

I’m disappointed, naturally, but I also feel like I’ve let a lot of people down.  There are a ton of fans who have become so invested in Jesse and Axel and the rest of the weirdos that I love so much.  Part of me knows that sales are what sales are, and there’s a limited amount I can do about it.  The other part keeps wondering what I could have done better, sooner, to get the word out, to get more people to buy.

Every day, it seems, I hear from someone who had never heard of Jesse before, and I keep thinking, dang, if you’d have heard of it two years ago when the first one came out, maybe I wouldn’t be in this position.  Maybe…what if… mighta could.  Y’know how it is.


Two other pieces of news for you on the subject. 

First, I have NO intention of leaving Jesse in this state.  I need three more books to finish up the series the way I want to.  I’ve already started writing book 4.  My intention is to look into self-publishing the last three, possibly funded with a Kickstarter project early next year.  I’m still researching all the details and such.  There would be quite a bit involved with publishing this book the way I want to see it published, and the way I think you all deserve to see it published.

So, since I have no official deadline, and no one to answer to, you guys are now my conscience.  My goal is to have Book 4 written (and titled) by April 1st (barring any unforeseen circumstances which I shall discuss below).  After that, I’ll need to really start putting things in motion regarding a Kickstarter project, rewards for contributors, that sort of thing.  (cover design, editing, ISBN numbers, the list goes on and on.) I’ve learned a lot in the last few months regarding all that goes into self-publishing things the right way, and it’s way harder than I ever realized.  Makes me appreciate all that my actual publisher does even more.

And speaking of, the next bit of news:
My editor at Roc still wants to work with me (and I still want to work with her, ‘cause she’s awesome and I love her).  So at the moment, she has both Peacemaker and a few chapters of A Night of Fire and Ash sitting on her desk.  We’re still in the discussion stage, not in the “official offer” stage, but I’m 90% sure you’ll be seeing a new series from me in the future.  Most likely, expect to see an ebook first, then if sales warrant, a print book later on.  The more I talk to other authors in my genre, the more this seems to be the norm.

(And frankly, seeing how my ebook sales have gone since the release of Wolf, I’m starting to understand why.  Ebooks are really becoming a thing!)  ((Yes, I know this makes me sound old.  Get off my lawn.))

Right now, I’m back at the “hurry up and wait” phase of the publishing game.  Authors spend way more time here than you folk know, even after they have an agent, and a contract under their belt.


Shiloh Walker said...

I'm sorry... I love the Jesse series.

I've been in your boat and I know how much it sucks-two of my series had to end over the past year. :-/ Good luck with however you go forward!

K.A. Stewart said...

Thanks, Shiloh.

Seems to be happening to more and more good series. There have been a few others that I dearly loved cancelled in recent years.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear Roc dropped you, but glad your editor is still working with you.

Definitely stick with ebooks. I swore off purchasing print books over a year ago. The paperback of Wolf at the Door was an exception, and only because I lived close enough for you to sign it and the other two.

You might contact Ridian Publishing ( as well.

Good luck, and I promise to support the rest of the JJD series, especially in ebook form.


tinfoilhat said...

I've gotten everyone I know who reads this genre hooked on JJD, but we all read in ebook format :(. I've bought about 300 books in the last 3 years and they've all been ebook. It's just to convenient. Let us (fanbase) know about kickstarter I'm sure your fans will pitch in.

Jan O'Hara (Tartitude) said...

Glad you're not giving up on the series. There's good precedent for self-publishing in this case. Thank goodness your fans will have an option after investing in *three* books.

Best of luck with the 90% bit!

Tina Moss said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I love the JJD series. Excited that you'll still be self-publishing it.

KiltieMacBagpipes said...

I absolutely concur about the ebook thing. Your books are the only books I've bought in print for years.

K. Taylor said...

First, I'm sorry they don't want to continue it.

Next, ask anything about self-pub you want. I've helped a lot of people in nearly 3 years.

And I hope the editor takes your other work.

sam b said...

I'm sorry about the Jesse series, I really liked it and am shocked/saddened to hear this news.

I'm happy you've decided to continue it though. If you do start a kickstarter campaign you can count on a contribution from me.

Anonymous said...

My nephew and I love the series and you can count on our support for your self-published efforts.

Keep 'em coming and we'll keep buying 'em!

June Kramin said...

This really sucks. You are the 2nd person I know this happened to that had a kick ass series. Glad there is a self pub option! Best wishes with it!