Friday, October 9, 2009

We're still here....sorta...

So, living in a house of plague for about three weeks is interesting... Funny how being sick just saps the urge to blog right outta you. Or me. As the case may be.

So, lessee, what have I forgotten to update you on?

Last week, The Editor and The Agent and I discussed different titles for my series. We threw out all kinds of ideas, back and forth. Some I didn't like, some the marketing department didn't like... It was interesting! Ultimately, we came full circle back to the original title we'd thought of. I had to laugh.

With all the sickness going on around the house, I haven't been writing like I ought to. I'm really close to being done with chapter 10, which will mark the midpoint, storyline wise. And I should be coming in right at the halfway point of my assumed first draft word count, too. (as we all know, my first drafts are almost exactly 75% of my desired finished word count) Which means I'm on target!

And now for some fluff... Here are the pictures of kiddo's braided hair from Renn Fest, in the various stages as we finally took it down. I apologize that some of the pictures are fuzzy.


Coming undone:

Lookit all these curls!:

See, NOW she looks like a child of mine. Instead of stick straight hair like her daddy. ;)

Hopefully, I'll be more diligent about blogging from now on. (I know, I say that every time, but I DO mean it!)


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Did someone do it for you at the Renn Fest, or did you do it yourself? (asking because it looks really difficult!)

K.A. Stewart said...

There's a group at the local Renn Fest called the Braidin Maidens. They do all different kinds of elaborate braids (for a price of course)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. It's funny, when I met her, I thought her hair was much more orange than mine, but in these pics it looks almost exactly the same shade.